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Employer Retaliates After You Sustain an Injury?

Our Attorneys can Help 

Lawyers Specializing in After Injury Retaliation

The lawyers at Stroebel and Stroebel specialize in employment law and will stand up for your rights. After a work related injury, employees are entitled to workers compensation, but unfortunately some employers fight back against these claims. They do this to lower their insurance cost and it keeps employees from getting the help they deserve. If you or a loved one has had an employer retaliate against you after sustaining injuries call us today at (304)-346-0197 to set up a free consultation today. 

Harassment After a Work Injury is not Acceptable 

Some employers and managers try to manipulate the system so workers don't get all the support they deserve. Intimidation tactics are sometimes used to deter employees away from trying to get relief. This is done to preserve the reputation of the employer or company, as well as to save money. It is important to know you are not alone in these times and there are ways to get help. The lawyers at Stroebel & Stroebel will work with you to make sure the employers pay out what you deserve.

Issues With an Employer After You've been Injured. Contact Stroebel & Stroebel, PLLC today!

Receiving an injury can turn your life upside down. This stressful time is made even worse when your employer doesn't work with you. If your employer is pressuring you in anyway, or trying to remove their liability in the matter it is important to find representation. The Law office of Stroebel and Stroebel works with West Virginian employees to fight against unfair injury retaliation. If you or a loved one has had trouble with an employer after receiving an injury don't hesitate to contact us today!

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