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Paul M. Stroebel

West Virginia Attorney with 30 years worth of experience

Mr. Stroebel has been proudly serving the West Virginia community for close to three decades now. After graduating from University of Southern Carolina in 1991 he began clerking for the US attorney general's office. After a few years he moved on to work at a midsized law-firm in West Virginia. From that background Mr. Stroebel gained the proper knowledge and and experience to leave and create his own firm. He and a colleague of his started a law firm named Stroebel & Johnson. These two practiced together for nearly 20 years amassing millions in winning for their clients. As of late Mr. Stroebel and his son Paul have started a new firm named Stroebel & Stroebel. Paul has been excited to start this new chapter of his career working with his his family to help the communities of West Virginia. If you are interested in talking to Mr. Stroebel about a legal matter feel free to call us at (304)-346-0197 to speak with him today. You can also click below to send him an email. We look forward to helping you however we can!

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