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Lawyers in Raleigh County

dealing with personal injury, vehicle accidents, and much more

Car Wreck & Accident Lawyer in Raleigh County

Dealing with a car wreck can be one of the more stressful and chaotic times in ones life. Having injuries on top of that can make the process even more strenuous. Our law office at Stroebel & Stroebel can help you through these troubling times. Getting compensation from insurance companies can be a difficult process, so it is important to have the right legal representation on your side. Our lawyers will talk you through the process and fight to get you what you're deserved. Don't let a car accident wreck your life,  call us today at (304)-346-0197 to talk about your case and possible solutions. If you have been affected by a car accident in Raleigh county we can help!

Need Legal Help in Beckley or the Surrounding Areas?

Dealing with different legal matters and procedures can be a complicated time. Our attorneys will help you through these troubling times with the best advice available. Don't get taken advantage of by the legal system and get proper representation today. Below are some of the fields which we cover.

Raleigh County Lawyer Specializing in Personal Injury

Have you been affected by emotional or physical injury and think you have claim to compensation? Give our office a call today to speak about your case. Our lawyers have decades of experience dealing with various personal injury cases. We take the time and care needed to figure out the best solution to a given situation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a personal injury case feel free to contact us today to talk about your matter. 

Stroebel & Stroebel - Raleigh County Service Area

If you reside in Raleigh county and have any legal questions or concerns the law office at Stroebel & Stroebel is here to help. Lawsuits as well as dealing with legal issues can be complicated and confusing, so it best to have experienced lawyers fighting for you. If you live in any of the areas below feel free to contact our office for a free consultation to talk about your situation. We love living in West Virginia and looking out for the communities that make our state special. 

  • Beckley

  • Lester

  • Mabscott

  • Beaver 

  • Sophia

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